Fact Sheets and Talking Points Related to Proposed FY16

Talking Points fact sheet on Community Youth Services
The proposed FY16 budget eliminates the “Community Services” grants line appropriation of $5,645,400 which funds Community Area Projects across the State.

Talking Points fact sheet from The Child Care Association of Illinois
The proposed FY16 is slated to cut $147 million from the DCFS budget, primarily by eliminating all care and services for 18-21 year-olds. The elimination of programs for 18-21 year-olds is not a one-time event. This new and sudden policy direction for Illinois will pose mass disruption for those currently receiving care and services. The elimination of services and support for 18-year-olds and up will affect 17-year-olds still in high school when they turn 18 and will affect the young children of parenting wards.

Talking Points fact sheet from Illinois Collaboration on Youth on potential budget cuts to Homeless Youth Services

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One way to create real change in our communities is to advocate for policies that positively impact those we serve – speaking out on important issues surrounding child welfare, mental health, juvenile justice, and sustainable state funding for vital human services that provide the safety net for all people in Illinois.


The Center for Youth and Family Solutions is a member of the Illinois Collaboration on Youth, The Child Care Association of Illinois, and Illinois Partners for Human Service, three organizations that help us monitor and influence state and federal policies affecting children and families. With their help, we are able to identify bills that are relevant to our clients and our work and stay on top of legislative issues that could impact our services. Find out more about these organizations.


How You Can Help

Occasionally, when we are advocating on a particular issue or bill that impacts our clients or funding for critical services, we need help. And your voice can make a difference. We send out email alerts that will direct you to this site for more information. You always decide for yourself whether you would like to advocate on any issue. If you are interested in being included in our Advocacy Alerts, please provide us your name and contact email address on the short form below

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The increasing child poverty figures for Illinois emphasize the need for greater investments in programs that alleviate child hunger, position children for academic and life success, and ensure that families can provide for children’s basic needs. Read more on the Voices for Illinois Children website.

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