Often, seniors’ ability to live independently is threatened by illness or injury, grief and loss, struggling finances, isolation, anxiety or depression. Sometimes they just need a helping hand or friendly visit, other times they are coping with much more serious mental health issues.


Many times, older adults cannot access traditional counseling in an office setting because they are unable to drive, do not have access to public transportation, or do not have friends or family near-by capable of taking them to an appointment.   Without intervention, mental health issues can result in depression, increased hospitalizations, premature nursing home placement or even suicide.

In-home counseling and support services to seniors help bridge this gap, bringing much needed services to aging seniors in their own home and community.

The New Day Senior In-Home Counseling Program

The New Day Senior In-Home Counseling Program provides professional counseling in the home to seniors coping with mental health issues such as depression, grief and loss, anxiety, family relationship issues, loss of functioning and chronic illness. Our program helps older adults continue to live in their own residence, and improve their quality of life by providing case management services, referral to community resources, and education around aging issues.

The New Day Friendly Visitor Program

The New Day Friendly Visitor Program is a volunteer program designed to improve the quality of life for isolated seniors. Companion volunteers provide transportation, socialization, education, respite for caregivers and referrals to needed community resources. Find out more information at The New Day Friendly Visitor Program .

Community Education

This component of our program provides education to community seniors and senior service providers on the impact of mental health issues affecting seniors so that referrals can be made to initiate interventions for seniors struggling with mental health issues. Program staff are available to speak to any group who has an interest in learning more about depression or other mental health issue. To schedule a training, please contact Ruth Urbanc by email or at (309) 323-6655.

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