“Igniting the potential within” may sound like one of those generic catch phrases of the moment, but that is exactly what The Center for Youth and Family Solutions  (CYFS) staff does day in and day out. The Center’s 375 staff and countless volunteers  and interns recognized the human potential in 19,684 individuals in 37 counties in Fiscal Year 2015 and helped put them on the right path to leading more productive, fulfilling lives.

Let’s think about that for a moment. This means more than 1,300 children in foster care were helped by CYFS caring professionals, giving these kids tangibles that many of us take for  granted – a home to live in, food to eat and stability they might not have had in their lives before. It means that the at-risk families that CYFS staff counseled stayed together at a rate greater than 80 percent, keeping moms and dads and sisters and brothers together, not living fractured lives. It means seniors receiving CYFS visits were able to stay in their own homes longer, enjoying their independence. And, it means that boys who completed treatment at Guardian Angel Home went to live in a family setting. The work done by CYFS staff gives these children and families
all new opportunities to enhance their lives.

You play an invaluable role in igniting this human potential. As supporters of CYFS, you recognize the promise within this organization, its staff and, most importantly, the children and families it serves. You provide funding and volunteer time and share your expertise and your passions. You provide the foundation necessary for the Center’s dedicated, professional staff to thrive, and, in turn, their clients to more fully realize the opportunities that exist for them.

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Janet M. Mathis

Our Board Members

We are honored to have The Center for Youth & Family Solutions guided by a knowledgeable and committed group of civic leaders with a long history of service in human service organizations, human service administration, social work practice education, finance, communication, nonprofit community boards and foundations, nonprofit development, economic development, and public policy.

Governing Board

Janet Mathis – President

CEO & Principal, The Development Consortium
Jane Ohaver – Vice President

Law Office of Jane E. Ohaver, P.C. 
Stan Lynall – Finance Committee Chair

OSF Healthcare System
Michael O’Melia

Professor Emeritus, Department of Social Work,
St. Ambrose University
Julie Hohulin

Soderstrom Dermatology and Skin Dimensions
 Kristanne Garrison
Independent Consultant, Certified Grant Writer
Michael Drymiller
Northwestern Mutual Life
 Marilyn Cagnoni
Marilyn Cagnoni

MMC Consulting 

Finance Committee

Mark Miskell

McGladrey LLP
Brad Schupp

Joellen Lohnes
Jo Ellen Lohnes

Independent Registered CPA

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Our Mission

Our mission statement reflects the belief in the enduring strength, creativity, and perseverance of the human and community spirit to respond to and resolve life challenges. The Center for Youth and Family Solutions engages and serves children and families in need with dignity…[ Read More ]

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