All employees at The Center for Youth and Family Solutions influence the agency’s work culture and share responsibility for cultivating and promoting our desired working environment.

Shared Mission and Values

Our workforce shares a common purpose. Our mission reflects a belief in the enduring strength, creativity, and perseverance of the human and community spirit. Collaboration, partnership, treating everyone with dignity and respect, excellence, and dedication to achieving solutions are the values that guide us.

Supporting Each Other

Our workforce is a supportive of one another. We establish and maintain trust with each other. We affirm our strengths and diversity and seek a greater understanding of our differences. We encourage each other in establishing a healthy balance between our professional responsibilities and life outside of work.

Open Communication and Shared Decision Making

We keep each other well informed. Communication is clear, honest, and timely. We ask questions and provide input into decisions affecting our work. Challenges are viewed in a systems context and solutions build on strengths. We value teamwork and we recognize that productive conflict is healthy and necessary for creativity and effective problem solving.

Autonomy and Accountability

We take pride in the quality of our work and our accomplishments. We set and carry out individual goals, team goals, and agency goals to accomplish the agency’s mission. We take care of agency property and facilities. We approach our work conscientiously; holding ourselves and others accountable.

Improving What We Do and Taking Action

We are proactive, flexible and adapt to change. We are committed to our professional growth and on-going learning. We solicit and use feedback from each other and from those we serve. We keep up with trends that impact our work and look for new ways to generate creative energy and fresh ideas. We are always taking action to improve the quality of our services.

Work Culture

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Our Mission

Our mission statement reflects the belief in the enduring strength, creativity, and perseverance of the human and community spirit to respond to and resolve life challenges. The Center for Youth and Family Solutions engages and serves children and families in need with dignity…[ Read More ]

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