Here at CYFS advocating for policy and legislative actions that help bring about positive outcomes for the children and families we serve and the communities we work in is part of our mission.  The spring legislative session is an important time each year – but this year it held a special challenge due to the budget crisis in Illinois.  These past few months, many of our foster parents, board members and staff met with several of our local general assembly members to tell them more about the positive impact of the programs we provide, the damage being done due to the lack of a state budget, and the desperate need for long overdue rate increases for foster parents and agencies like CYFS who provide state mandated services. In these dialogues, we are the voice for the voiceless- the children in our care- explaining how the budget impasse and historical neglect of rates truly is affecting the most vulnerable.  We also pounded the social media pavement with our campaign called #HB2594WorthEveryPenny and we thank you if you joined us by sharing our advocacy posts featuring dedicated and committed staff of CYFS talking about their jobs and the needs of the children they serve.  Each time you shared, liked or retweeted our posts, you were also empowering others to become more informed about the sobering realities of the budget impasse.


Here’s the thing – while the general assembly and governor left the spring session without a budget solution, we are going to press forward with our advocacy this summer.  It’s like this- when we have an emergency call in the middle of the night for an abused child in crisis- we respond. We accepted this duty and we are committed to our responsibilities. It is our belief the leaders of Illinois have also accepted their duty and we believe they do not have a choice either besides acting to fulfill their responsibilities and finalize a budget that includes adequate funding for the critical services for youth in our state. That is why we will continue to advocate for the kids in care, for foster parents, and for the professionals who work in helping children and families heal, cope and thrive.

Get the facts first hand by listening to some testimonials as part of our HB 2594 Worth Every Penny campaign.





View the Progress of HB2594 by visiting:


Peoria CYFS Staff Penny Powell, Pat Robinson, Representative Mike Unes, & Tim Glancy










Macomb CYFS Staff with Representative Norine Hammond





  Rock Island CYFS Staff with Representative Norine Hammond


 Bloomington CYFS Staff with Senator Barickman

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