Our Adoption Specialists believe the best way to help prospective adoptive parents understand the experience of adopting an older child or sibling group begins with a face to face meeting. As a prospective adoptive parent you will participate in an initial interview to discuss your intentions, options and to learn more about the process. If you and The Adoption Specialist agree the Adopt Waiting Children (AWC) program is a possibility for you, you will be invited to participate in a full day Parent Training Orientation.

AWC Orientation

The Parent Training Orientation provides education specific to the children referred to the AWC program. Topics covered include but are not limited to:

  • Program philosophy and goals
  • Childhood Grief and Trauma
  • Common Diagnosis of children who suffered early life trauma
  • Parent Support and Resources
  • The Center for Youth & Family Solutions’ Expectations and Covenant

Parent Training

Prospective adoptive parents who are ready to move forward will participate in the AWC Parent Training. This three day interactive training helps prospective adoptive parents develop an understanding of the entire adoption process. During the training you will have a chance learn more about how to raise a child who has experienced trauma at an early age. You will have a chance to listen to others who have adopted through this program and learn from their experience too. These parent training sessions will provide:

  • Training surrounding the realities of children who enter foster care. This includes developing an understanding of the child’s journey through foster care as well as legalities, time frames, resources and mandates regarding the foster to adopt experience.
  • Comprehensive education regarding the joys and challenges of adopting a waiting child. Topics to be covered include but are not limited to the adoptive process, finding a good fit, attaching and bonding, transitions to adoptive homes and preparing for the lifelong commitment of parenting.

AWC prospective adoptive parents are also required to participate in the State of Illinois FOSTER PRIDE classes and The Center for Youth & Family Solutions Parent Skills Training.

The Adopt Waiting Children Parent Training Curriculum has been approved by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.

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