The Center of Youth & Family Solutions recognizes in the United States there are an estimated 500,000 human embryos in frozen storage. These embryos were created by couples who chose pregnancy through in vitro fertilization. Once these parents have been able to build their family, many are then faced with not knowing what to do with the remaining embryos. Some will choose Embryo Adoptions as a way to ensure their embryos have a chance to grow up with loving parents in a loving family.

While the actual process of embryo adoption is governed by contract law, adoption agencies are able to assist both the genetic parents and those seeking to adopt an embryo with services that safe guard the transition of the embryo from one family to another as well as assist with the lifelong commitment to raising a child placed through Embryo Adoption.

The prospective parents work with either an agency or fertility clinic on the actual process of placement or CYFS can assist prospective parents in completing the necessary parent training, counseling and homestudy process as well as with the required post placement supervision process.

Adoption staff is also available to provide support during the waiting and matching periods.

For more information on Embryo Adoptions, Contact An Adoption Worker.

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