An Individual Care Grant (ICG) is a grant to assist parents or other private guardians in paying some of the costs of residential treatment or of specialized community mental health services for severely mentally ill children who are not DCFS wards. Our services are assisting families with applications for an ICG and providing assistance and treatment options to youth and families who have been awarded a grant. We assist families in determining the best course of treatment for their child, developing an appropriate treatment plan, helping families access services, and providing Rule 132 Medicaid mental health services when appropriate.

Locations served

ICG is a statewide program, however our agency only is contracted for McLean County residents.

Referral sources and intake process

A parent or legal guardian may call 1-866-359-7953 or write the ICG office, Illinois Mental Health Collaborative for Access and Choice, PO Box 06559, Chicago, IL 60606, for an application. When the parent or legal guardian receives the application it includes a series of forms to fill out and indicates what other information, such as clinical records, must be compiled and submitted by the parent. The parent is provided the phone number of the ICG Coordinator at our agency who can assist the parent in filling out the application. The completed application is mailed to the ICG Office for determination of eligibility. If a child is found eligible, the parent will be sent a letter explaining the decision and instructing the parent to meet with the ICG Coordinator at CYFS to review the treatment options and draw up a service plan. Treatment options include residential placement, specialized community services, or deferment of services.

Staff & Locations

Bloomington, Morris Ave office – (309) 820-7616

Sara Chlebanowski, LCSW, SASS Supervisor/ICG Coordinator/Therapist



The ICG program is funded by the IL Department of Human Services’ Department of Mental Health.

Main Services

  • Application and appeal assistance.
  • Assistance in determining level of treatment needed (residential v. specialized community mental health services), referrals for needed services (e.g. residential, specialized therapies, etc.), and provision of Rule 132 mental health services (assessment, treatment planning, therapy/counseling, community support, case management, and vocational assessment/assistance).


The ICG program is small; currently only 4 youth in residential treatment receive ICG services.


We are monitored and audited by the Illinois Mental Health Collaborative for Access and Choice.

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