• Sylvia Porter, LCPC
  • Tom Shoemaker, LCSW
  • Chris Sallee, LPC
  • Michelle Gaede, MA
  • Linda Williams, MS, MSW
  • Nick Heuermann, MSW
  • Rachel Bell, MA, NCC
  • Traci Brown, MFT
  • Theresa Dennis, MA, LCPC


  • Stephanie Barisch, LCPC
  • Pamala Farnham, LCSW
  • Kim (Martin) Corcoran, LCPC
  • Jenny Madison, MA
  • Sara Chlebanowski, LCSW, SASS Supervisor/ICG Coordinator/Therapist
  • Jessica Wolf, MS, SASS Therapist
  • Crystal Humphreys, BS, SASS Therapist
  • Karen Hepner, BS, Family Resource Developer


  • Kim Mercer, LMFT
  • Alan Bloomquist, LCSW
  • Mary Beth Zelenski, LCPC
  • Carolyn Tiger, MEd
  • Sonja Kunkel, MA


  • Cassandra Woolfolk, LCSW
  • Renee Eifert, LCSW
  • Cynthia Sweet, LCSW
  • Tim Taylor, LCPC
  • Josh Hagerstrom, LPC


  • Megan Downs, MSEd, LPC

Rock Island

  • Penny Kain, LCSW
  • Lucy Andich, MSW
  • Bonnie Howard, MSEd
  • Jennifer Welvaert-Koch, LPC
  • Pat Carlson, LCSW
  • Tony Riordan, LMFT


  • Carla Bahr, MS


  • Terri Clayton, MA


  • Carla Dumas, LCPC
  • Amy Farrow, MA
  • Tim Taylor, LCPC


  • Janet Broderick, MA, NCC
  • Kayla Gerdes, MA

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