Program Overview

Screening, Assessment and Support Services (SASS) provides crisis intervention services in an effort to stabilize children experiencing severe emotional or behavioral problems due to a mental illness. SASS is a statewide program which is funded by Medicaid and provided by different providers across the state.  SASS is a statewide program which is funded by Medicaid and provided by different providers across the state. CYFS services are provided out of the Bloomington-Morris office and are available to youth who meet certain criteria and are within McLean County. Referrals come to us from the CARES line, which determines program eligibility on two components: financial eligibility and severity of issues. Below are the eligibility criteria:

Financial eligibility: Who we serve

  • Children/adolescents under age 21 who are currently enrolled in a medical program through the Department of Healthcare and Family Services, including those enrolled in Medicaid Managed Care Organizations
  • Children/adolescents who come under the guardianship of DCFS while already hospitalized for psychiatric reasons
  • Children/adolescents enrolled in a medical program from the Department of Public Aid
  • Children/adolescents under 18 being considered for public-funded psychiatric hospitalization (Uninsured/Underinsured)

Issues we serve

  • Suicidal crisis
  • Episodes of violence or threats
  • Psychotic episodes
  • Self-harmful behavior

Annually, the SASS program provides approximately 600 screenings. We attempt to stabilize youth in their home and community, providing services to the youth and their family. Approximately 75% of our screenings result in the youth being stabilized in the community, with only 25% of screenings resulting in youth requiring psychiatric hospitalization

All services offered on an outreach basis.

Crisis screening and stabilization services including:

  • Mental health assessment, Individual and family psychotherapy/counseling
  • Emotional and social skills training
  • Case management and resource linkage assistance, psychiatric services
  • Parent support and education

How a referral is made or how services are accessed, and contact info for inquiry (where applicable)

CARES hotline 1-800-345-9049

For more information on this program please contact our program leadership:

502 S. Morris Ave, Bloomington, IL 61701
Phone: (309) 820-7616
Fax: (309) 820-7657

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