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The Center for Youth and Family Solutions is the largest provider of Foster Care Services in Central Illinois, with offices in Bloomington, Champaign, Danville, Galesburg, Peoria, LaSalle, Lincoln, Springfield, Macomb and Rock Island. The Center for Youth and Family Solutions provides collaborative, strength-based, client-focused, clinical and casework services. Our therapists and Family Workers have been trained in a comprehensive understanding of child development and evidenced-based, trauma-informed treatment interventions. We provide licensing, training and ongoing support to foster families who provide children with a safe haven during a time of crisis.

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At CYFS, we work with families to change the circumstances that led to their children being placed in foster care. The Center for Youth and Family Solutions works collaboratively with parents to assess their strengths and needs, set goals for change, find needed resources, improve parenting skills, and make the changes required to provide a safe, stable and nurturing home for their children. When a safe reunification is not possible, we find loving adoptive parents to provide each child with a lasting family.

Our Foster Care Services Include:


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The children referred to The Center for Youth and Family Solutions for foster care placement have been removed from their homes by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services due to abuse and/or neglect. The families are referred to us at a time of crisis and the children need a safe, stable place to stay until either their family is able to be reunited or another permanent living arrangement can be made.

The foster children CYFS serves:

  • Are children of all ages
  • Are brothers and sisters
  • Come from a variety of different ethnic, racial, religious, and cultural backgrounds
  • Have been traumatized by the situations that brought them into foster care
  • Have special behavioral, social, medical, educational and emotional needs
  • Need a loving and stable family to care for them in a time of crisis
  • Need someone to show them they matter and help them continue to grow, learn, and develop their potential.

For more information on the types of foster care offered through CYFS, please review Types of Foster Care.

Foster parents licensed through CYFS are caring, compassionate, diverse families who have chosen to share their lives through fostering for many reasons.

The foster parents CYFS partners with include couples and singles who:

  • have raised their own children, but they feel they still have much to give to another child
  • are currently raising a family and want to help other children in need
  • have never parented, but have room in their home and their hearts for a child or sibling group
  • believe all children deserve to grow up in a family setting where they are loved and nurtured.
  • want to make a big difference in the live of a child

Find out more about how to become a foster parent or contact foster licensing program for more information.

To learn more about the need for foster parents, please visit Voices 4 Kids, and Keep Your Family Strong.

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