Community organizing, advocacy, and direct services are designed to prevent juvenile delinquency, preserve families, and create safe communities at the neighborhood level. The program philosophy is to identify local indigenous leaders and to establish and maintain local self-help networks and organizations in a designated area. On an on-going basis, the local community committees work to strengthen the community by providing positive community activities that will lead to the reduction of juvenile delinquency.

Services Provided


  • Community needs assessments
  • Community resource assessments
  • Committee development
  • Developing goals and objectives in a targeted area
  • Forming fundraisers to meet a committees goal
  • Volunteer recruitment and training


  • Linkage and referral
  • Problem mediation
  • Educational resource presentations
  • Assistance with school issues
  • Housing dispute assistance
  • Assistance with poverty issues

Direct Service:

  • Out of School time activities
  • After School tutoring
  • Summer educational and recreational day camps
  • Youth neighborhood service projects to give back to the community
  • Life skills educational activities
  • Assistance with poverty issues

Referral sources and intake process

The community Youth Service program maintains boards made up of members from the local community. All areas to be targeted by these programs are referred through the local boards. These areas are then assessed through a need and resource process and the results are presented at a neighborhood meeting. Local leaders are then elected and the goals and objectives are developed to direct the committee’s actions for the coming year.

Available in: McLean, Tazewell and Peoria Counties.

Statistical Data

  • Over 1400 youth served annually
  • Over 500 adults served annually
  • Over 350 volunteers support programming annually

For referral information and program eligibility please contact the local Youth Family Community Outreach Program Supervisor at the Branch nearest you.

  • Tazewell and Peoria – Penny Powell – 309-323-6637
  • Bloomington- Brenda Richardson – 309-829-6307

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