Home Confinement

Fifteen year old Jake was placed on home confinement following a burglary charge. While working with CYFS, Jake’s guardian shared that she wasn’t sure Jake could read and felt a lot of his choices were to hide this fact from friends. The CYFS worker assisted the family in planning with the school to begin special education testing, and located community based after school programs that would allow Jake to attend to build literacy. Since discharge from home confinement, Jake’s reading level has increased from Kindergarten to Fourth grade. He has had no further police contact.


Twenty-eight year old Scott came to CYFS with a CareLINK referral as he had just been served with an eviction notice. Scott had just returned to work after being laid off for two months and was getting behind in his rent. As a single parent of two children, Scott did not want to be without a home. CareLINK was able to assist Scott with the money needed to bring him current in his rent and allowed the family to maintain safe housing. In addition to rental assistance, Scott was also provided with information to assist with locating affordable day care for his two boys.

Extended Family Support Program

Norma had been caring for her four year old grandson, Jake, for several months. Norma’s daughter, Susan, and son-in-law, Bill, had been unemployed for several months and were struggling with substance addiction. Both were in agreement that they couldn’t parent right now. Norma contacted CYFS for assistance in obtaining guardianship so she could enroll her grandson in pre-school and receive assistance with day care. CYFS was able to assist Norma with locating an attorney to facilitate the guardianship transfer and assisted with finding licensed day care. Norma was now able to manage the care of Jake better as Susan and Bill worked out their issues and got back on their feet.

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